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School Membership Information

SAMA has devised a 3 level membership, which is a self evaluation process. SAMA provides the Montessori guidelines of what is required but it is essentially each member school choosing to affiliate’s responsibility to ensure they implement the requirements at each Tier Level. This is to guide our independently owned member Montessori communities, so that clear guidelines can be offered with specific emphasis on fully implemented Montessori education. (see Code of Conduct & Fundamental Principles on the About Tab)

The three levels of Membership allows for environments at different stages to obtain the support, inspiration of involvement in an Association and exposure to communities that have achieved the fundamental principles of Montessori practice.
The executive committee is currently busy exploring further Quality Assurance processes for member schools.


Principle 1 – Multi Age Classrooms

Principle 2 – The Uninterrupted Workcycle

Principle 3 – No Rewards or Punishments

Principle 4 – The Prepared Environment

Principle 5 – The Montessori Guide

Principle 6 – The Montessori Curriculum