Our vision for Children’s House of Lavender Hill is to create a safe, vibrant school that is the pride of the local community who seek to offer their children the best future possible. It is inclusive, welcoming, productive and peaceful. The school serves as a preschool, but also a hub of learning for teachers, parents and neighbours.

Learning in Reach is a solutions-driven non-profit organisation based in Cape Town, South Africa. The NPO is intent on delivering quality early childhood education that meets the ever changing world faced by today’s children. Learning in Reach’s approach is to leverage community ownership and to drive geographical impact through empowerment, mentorship and education. Focused on both parent and teacher as the key influencers in the child’s life, we have a unique, holistic approach to tackling the delivery of quality early learning.

The school’s annual membership fee/ child levy is fully/ partially sponsored by SAMA and the school forms part of the outreach projects.

Head of School: Not Applicable
Contact Person: Leanne Reid, Mikayle Booysen
Tel Number: 076 401 8503
Cell Number: Not Applicable
Street Address: Not Applicable
City: Not Applicable
Region: Western Cape
Postal Code: Not Applicable