Singing Forest Montessori is a Progressive member school. At Singing Forest We are a Family Here each individual is precious and cherished. Each team member and child plays a significant role and is valued for who they are. We enjoy being together. As teachers we are fulfilled and thrilled to watch our children grow, achieve milestones, overcome challenges and become the best they can be. We are proud of our academic excellence and the fact that 'old' parents have phoned back to tell us that new schools say our children are way ahead of their peers. Academic achievement or not, what matters most at The Singing Forest is what's at the heart of it all: Our love for children. This, I am told, is what makes The Singing Forest 'special', a "home from home" and a "happy place" "Our aim... is to so touch the child's imagination as to enthuse him/her to his/her inmost core." - Dr Marie Montessori