School Membership Information

SAMA has a three tier school membership system to guide our member schools, which are all independently owned Montessori schools. This system of quality assurance supports and inspires schools who are in different stages of operation to develop and reflect on quality Montessori practices within their organisations. Through this SAMA grows its pool of members, allowing us to be representative, while at the same time allowing the promotion of quality without excluding schools requiring further support. SAMA has begun negotiations with the Independent Quality Assurance Association (IQAA) in bringing about an independant quality evaluation process developed specifically for Montessori schools.

Video Series explaining the SAMA 6 Fundamental Principles

Principle 1 – Multi Age Classrooms

Principle 2 – The Uninterrupted Workcycle

Principle 3 – No Rewards or Punishments

Principle 4 – The Prepared Environment

Principle 5 – The Montessori Guide

Video 6 to follow