How To Choose A School

How To Choose A School2019-12-13T11:08:01+02:00

Choosing a Montessori School

Montessori schools operate throughout South Africa. Each school reflects the interpretation and personality of the individual owner. We encourage you to visit as many schools as you can to ensure you find the environment that will complement your home life best.

  • The environment is peaceful, attractive, homely and inviting.

  • The adults encourage hands on learning following the child’s interests rather than following the state curriculum or rote learning.

  • The children are self-motivated and rewards and/or punishments are not used to manipulate behaviour.

  • The adults and children demonstrate a reciprocal respect towards one another.

  • Children can be found working at a table or on the floor; indoors or out, with a variety of multi-sensory, manipulative materials.

  • Collaborative learning is encouraged. Children can be seen assisting, teaching and encouraging each other.

  • It is evident that the environment caters for children of mixed ages, particularly over a three year age span.

  • A Sense of unity and excitement and joy should permeate the air.