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Not Yet Operational Schools – please contact the SAMA office directly.

“New” option = New members and Lapsed for more than a year.
“Renewal” option = Paid up members from 2023.

Schools need to complete the Head of School, School and both the School Annexure C Section H forms.

Memberships are valid from January to December and will have to be renewed again for the new year.

Note: Please ENSURE that the SAMA Code of Conduct is read and that all membership forms are signed before submitting.

If you would like to have a Montessori trained speaker to speak or host workshops at your Institution, please see below all the details and costs involved.

We welcome all Montessori speakers to send a list of topics for their workshops/courses/parent talks/enrichment courses, kindly specify your costs and contact information so that the readers may contact you directly.

  • Montessori Parent Orientation Videos for Every Age Group Seventeen Informative Montessori videos for parents by Eric Johnson: Click Here To View
  • Age appropriate chores for children – Resource for parents As shared on gnome by Morningstar. Here is one of many links to get you started in helping your child become more independent and feel like a valuable member of the family: Click Here To View
  • Choosing a Montessori School: Uninterrupted work period – If you are looking for a Montessori school for your child, make sure to ask if they respect the three-hour morning work period WITHOUT INTERRUPTIONS (and don’t forget the afternoon work period for your older child!!). And if you’re a teacher, make sure you protect the three-hour work period with your life! Click Here To View
  • Explanation to parents of the importance of completing 3 year cycle – Completing the 3 year cycle. (The toddler class is not the first of those three years) Overseas kindergarten is the ‘equivalent’ of our Grade R. Then one also must understand the reasoning into where and why Grade R came to be. (Refer SAMA Position statement on Grade R) Taking your child out of Montessori prior to that third year…”They laid a foundation for something that was never completed.”: Click Here To View
  • Good reads for Montessori parents – Good reads for Montessori parents. Are you new to Montessori? Are you seeking out ways to implement Montessori with your little ones who are not quite school age yet? Check out this read for things to do at home with your 2-6 year old! Click Here To View
  • How being a Montessori mom changed me:  Click Here To View
  • Montessori lectures by Dr Steve Hughes – Dr Hughes is a respected paediatric neuropsychologist who consults with organisations on educational programme evaluation and developmental education, cognitive disorders and parenting. You can read more about Dr Hughes, as well as his lectures, on the website Good at Doing Things: Click Here To View
  • Teach your children to read: Click Here To View
  • What we can all learn from a Montessori Classroom – Posted on November 26, 2013 by Jennifer Gonzalez. As we scramble for ways to improve our schools, to meet every student’s needs, to push back against a test-score driven educational culture, many of us wonder what the right path might look like. Is it possible that path has been under our noses for more than 100 years? Click Here To View
  • Montessori versus traditional: Click Here To View