Member Tier Information

Member Tier Information2024-05-31T13:50:36+02:00

SAMA has devised a three level membership, which is a self evaluation process. SAMA provides the Montessori guidelines of what is required, but it is essentially each member school choosing to affiliate’s responsibility to ensure they implement the requirements at each Tier Level. This is to guide our independently owned member Montessori communities, so that clear guidelines can be offered with specific emphasis on fully implemented Montessori education. Please see the SAMA Code of Conduct & Fundamental Principles.

The three levels of Membership allows for environments at different stages to obtain the support, inspiration of involvement in an Association and exposure to communities that have achieved the fundamental principles of Montessori practice.
The Executive Committee is currently in the final stages of concluding the further Quality Assurance processes for member schools.

Not Yet Operational Membership

Schools with zero enrolments and who do not have to be operational nor do they have to be registered. This will make a range of services, such as support, advice and resources for setting up a new school available to those very people who need it.

Initiate Membership

After the first enrolment, schools will be noted as being operational. This will include new schools or schools facing economic challenges which do not yet meet all the criteria outlined in various documents.  This will allow emergent schools an opportunity to interact with, and benefit from the association, and mentorship from more established schools and experienced Montessorians.

Progressive Membership

Is for schools who are working towards compliance with all the requirements for Full membership. It is expected that most schools will achieve Full Membership within three years.

Full Membership

Is for a school committed to following globally accepted best practices in Montessori pedagogy, interpreted within the South African context. All classroom lead directresses hold a SAMA recognised Montessori qualification in the level(s) they are teaching. The School meets all SAMA fundamental principles.