Montessori Outreach

SAMA would like to invite community development projects (with a particular interest in Montessori education) a free platform under the ‘who needs help section’ on our website to share their needs and achievements. As these are not SAMA run projects, our intention is to link these with the general public and our member schools to foster a sense of community and co-operation.

If you would like your school listed or know of any schools who need help please contact Izanne Nieuwoudt on assistant@samontessori.org.za. This listing will be free of charge.


SAMA is a registered NPO (no 141-155) and PBO (no.930052158).  We welcome donations to further assist quality growth of Montessori in South Africa.

How can you help?

  • Volunteer your time to participate in local outreach projects or make materials for school, maintenance of buildings, etc. to a school in your area.

  • Offer your knowledge and expertise (AIDS Education, Accounting and Management, administrative skills, strategic planning, project managing, crafts, gardening, government representation and mentoring).

  • Write articles for our newsletters.

  • Sponsor a child and help lay a foundation for life.

  • Sponsor Montessori equipment to schools in need.